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Investigation Services for a Wide Variety of Clients

Investigation Services

Our client base is diverse and extends from Government Departments, Local Authorities, the Legal Profession, the Insurance industry, Logistic and Utility companies, other commercial industries together with the Private Sector.

Anti Social Behaviour Investigations

We also work on behalf of Local Authorities and Housing Associations, which require detailed statements, photographic and video evidence, to combat the increase in Anti Social Behaviour offences suffered by local communities.

Our Assurance of a Quality Service

Delivering our services to this varied client base we have developed the expertise and gathered the experience required to fulfil all your investigative needs.

Our services, including surveillance, counter-surveillance procedures and technical systems are continually reviewed and updated to prevent circumvention and ensuring the delivery of the correct information in a timely manner.

Surveillance Capabilities

We are specialist providers of conventional and technical surveillance services both nationally and internationally, providing clients with valuable and critical information, timed and dated video evidence, together with detailed reports.

Surveillance is a tool that can be utilised to prove or disprove a number of allegations and although not inexpensive in itself it can be the key to unlocking the evidence required to make an informed decision.

The evidence gathered can also bring peace of mind and is therefore priceless!

Surveillance can be utilised by clients to gain the necessary evidence to deter fraudulent acts by employees or others, and to avoid potentially expensive claims for injuries which has become of great concern (and cost) to industry in the current 'No win No fee' culture.

The evidence gathered can also bring peace of mind and is therefore priceless!

We have a fleet of covert vehicles equipped with the latest "hands free" radio and telephony communications (Radio Communications Agency National Radio Licence No. PR136014).

The latest covert video and audio equipment of the highest specification is used to ensure video footage, still photographs and audio recordings are of the highest quality.

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